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Built in Africa is a podcast that puts the spotlight on African startups, innovators and everything that makes them tick. Follow us on social media @@BinAfripod Fan mail: hello@builtin.africa Ad placements: ads@builtin.africa

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Vybe: Matchmaking for Africans by Africans

    Credits: Photo by Iwaria FULL TRANSCRIPT Narrator: Where would you rather find love? From your inner circle? You know, leave fate to bring your soulmate your way. Or would go the unconventional way, scrolling through a list of potential partners from the comfort of your room? Maybe ...


  2. Selar: End-to-end eCommerce platform for Africa’s passion economy

    This episode is brought to you by HostGator, web hosting that scales from easy to expert. Visit builtin.africa/hostgator to get up to 60% off on your purchases. Credits: FULL TRANSCRIPT Narrator: Since 2008, after the likes of Uber and Airbnb ushered in the era of on-demand marketplaces, hardly ...


  3. Bonus: Town Hall meeting with Peter Salovey, President of Yale University

    This episode is extracted from a Techpoint town hall meeting with Peter Salovey, president of Yale University, enjoy. Build the money of the future at https://currency.techpoint.africa/ ...


  4. Bonus: Building global products with African design, a discussion

    Build the money of the future at https://currency.techpoint.africa/ Narrator: Intro The speakers on the panel, in the order that you hear them are: Panel moderator, Christine Edith Dikongué. She is the co-founder of AfricaHacks, a digital startup mentorship platform.Wiza Jalakasi, Head of Global BD & Research, Hover Developer ...


  5. TalentQL: Building a pipeline of quality African talent for the world

    This episode is brought to you by PureVPN; a secure, fast, private, and unrestricted way to access the internet. FULL TRANSCRIPT Narrator: Africa!!! Home to 1.25 billion people, over 60% aged 25 and below. With such a youthful population, it is no ...