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Built in Africa is a podcast that puts the spotlight on African startups, innovators and everything that makes them tick. Follow us on social media @@BinAfripod Fan mail: hello@builtin.africa Ad placements: ads@builtin.africa

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  1. BACE Group: Tackling identity theft in Africa

    Credits:Underneath the World by Mid-Air Machine www.freemusicarchive.orgAdditional sound effects from www.zapsplat.com FULL TRANSCRIPT …… A typical conversation between a fraudster and a prospective victim .. [SFX] Phone rings … picks. Frausdter: Good day sir, my name  is James, from Access Bank. Am I speaking with Mr Koffi Zawadi? Customer: Yes, you ...


  2. Kiakiaprint: African 'Uber for print' startup partners with Canva

    This episode is brought to you by HostGator.com, web hosting that scales from easy to expert. Credits:Upbeat Corporate by JP Bianchini – @jpmbianchiniOptimistic / Inspirational by Mixaund – mixaund.bandcamp.comSafe In Your Arms by Mixaund – mixaund.bandcamp.comAdditional music and sound effects from www.zapsplat.com FULL TRANSCRIPT Narrator: On July 30, 2020, ...


  3. ITIKI: Simplified forecasts for small-scale African farmers

    CreditsWest Africana by Hicham Chahidi – http://www.musicscreen.org/SFX from http://www.freesoundslibrary.com FULL TRANSCRIPT (Female robotic voice): New SMS. Reading… Voice actor: [In mystic tone and voice]: The full moon has scared the monkeys… Narrator: Without the proper context, that message makes no sense. But if you are a small-scale farmer living in ...


  4. One Kiosk Africa: Hyperlocal grocery delivery within 59 minutes

    This episode is brought to you by HostGator.com, web hosting that scales from easy to expert. FULL TRANSCRIPT Narrator: In February 2018, while serving as the chief operating officer of a Lagos-based tech startup, Adeshina Adewunmi found that he struggled to maintain a work-life balance. Adeshina Adewunmi: ...


  5. Akiddie: The 'Netflix' of African children's stories and books

    Additional sound effects from https://www.zapsplat.com FULL TRANSCRIPT Narrator: In this episode of Built in Africa podcast, we put the spotlight on how Akiddie looks to create the largest collection of African children’s stories using technology If you grew up in Nigeria, you probably heard this familiar call and response phrase before ...